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Dec 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
over the mountain and they came into eagle city in january of 1844. he gained fame for the gun fight in the ok corral in tombstone arizona. it was a famous movement. when he got to the camps, people knew him and voted him to be the sheriff. in 1882 is when gold was found in the mountains. it wasn't much there then. just him then. when we went to spokane he let them knew about gold. they went back to find more, but couldn't find it. the indians were gone. and in coeur d'alene there was nothing there. they had fort coeur d'alene here and that is pretty much all there was. trees and tents. the gold rush started in the fall season of 1883. that is when people started coming over here. they were coming from everywhere. of course in the west there wasn't much here. but people coming in and filing claims on property with snow on the ground. the people before them filled the same claims but the snow covered their claim markers. so the other people came in and reclaimed and they took it to court finally and gave it to the person with the lowest claim markers in the snow. herb came here as a s
Dec 8, 2013 12:55am EST
>> they arrived in coeur d' alene and eagle city in 1884 and he came over from thompson falls montana. he heard about a gold rush. people would find money and gold lying on the ground. everybody was coming from all over the country because of the railroad. they make it display in the papers all over the country about how wonderful the gold rush was and they were trying to build up their clientele and their trains. that was the reason they did that. when he got here it was the worst winter they had since god knows when but it was 30-foot snow drifts and just horrible weather. he had to walk from thompson falls over the mountains. they came in to eel city in january of 1884. he was famous for the gunfight at the o.k. corral and tombstone arizona where they were gunned down and it was pretty famous. they have made a lot of movies about it the one he got to the camps with that notoriety, people knew him so they voted him to be the sheriff sort of an off-the-cuff thing. in 1882 was when andrew prichard found gold in the coeur d' alene mountains. they weren't mountains i guess but t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2